The Player - in Westbourne Avenue

was to be sculpted by Kevin Storch
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Thursday, 16 September 1999

Can they agree?

On Thursday night, 16 Sept 99, at 8.30 pm on Radio Humberside, interview with Kevin Storch and Stephanie Wilson (Chair of the Avenues Residents' Association)!

Stephanie is supportive of Kevin's wish to create a piece of art - whether it's modern or traditional. Kevin welcomes all reaction to his art, but would like people to judge the final result, which will not necessarily look like the "mock-up" he produces as a guide.

The original plan for the stump in Marlborough Avenue was a family group - but, as you see, the Angel appeared



News about the controversy:
BBC1 Look North, Tuesday, 7 September 6.30 pm
Radio Humberside, Wednesday 7-8.30 am
Radio Humberside, Thursday, 16 Sept 99, 8.30 pm
Hull Daily Mail
Yorkshire Post.

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