The Player - in Westbourne Avenue 1999

was to be sculpted by Kevin Storch
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Bad news
The Avenues Residents Association has withdrawn its funding (200) from The Player.

The Avenues Newsletter (editor: A Crummay) carried a short article with this information. It stated that the reason funding was withdrawn was that Kevin had "decided to start work without safety precautions with regards to using a chainsaw" and that this was "unlawful".

The facts
Kevin had not started work on the project. A car had been parked next to the tree and its owner could not be contacted.

Kevin did not use a chainsaw. The chainsaw was wielded by a fully qualified professional chainsaw operator. In fact, it was operated for a few minutes only, to provide some interesting footage for the BBC Look North TV crew.

Kevin's decision to use a professional chainsaw operator was guided by safety considerations and planned well in advance, including discussions with the Chair of the Residents Association.

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Good news
Quay Art, the sponsors of Art in the Open, fully support Kevin.

Kevin has had letters and phone calls of support from many people, residents of the Avenues and non-residents.

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He has been asked by a group of people living in a leafy area of Lincoln to come and carve their trees! They had seen the news item on Look North, and were delighted with the sound of his new project.

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