Tree sculpture in the Avenues 1999 to 2006

The Owl Tree - Jacky Ward Lomax The Year 2000 Children's Tree - Larry Knee and Dawn Summer The Cat Tree - Jacky Ward Lomax The Mermaid - Jacky Ward Lomax Organic Form - Charlotte JennerLook in Westbourne Avenue for this pixie

Owl Tree 1999

Children's Tree

Cat Tree 2000

The Mermaid 2001

Organic Form 2001

Friends of the Forest 2001

The Fairy Tree - Jacky Ward Lomax Abstract Form - James Griffiths Abstract form - James Griffiths Alan Tharratt sculpts chestnut treeThe Unicorn - by Jacky Ward Lomax Sea Serpents - by Jacky Ward Lomax

The Fairy Tree

Abstract Form I 2002

Abstract Form II 2003

The Fifth Element 2003

The Unicorn 2004

Sea Serpents 2005

St Cuthbert - Jacky Ward Lomax

St Cuthbert

Avenues and Pearson Park Residents' Association subscriptions of 1 a year help the Association to give the volunteer artists 250 each, to cover their expenses. They get no other payment from any source.