Tree carvings: Jacky Ward Lomax carves Sea Serpents in Hull's Avenues district, August - October 2005
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Snow storm on 24 April 2008 The finished sculpture
24 April 20085 October 05
The second serpent is taking shape The second serpent - close-up
24 Sept 0524 Sept 05
Jacky creates scales The head and teeth, 20 September 2005
20 Sept 0520 Sept 05
05 September: the first serpent's head Close-up of Serpent's head with teeth
5 Sept 059 Sept 05
Woodworm holes are numerousThe bark is wrinkled, as if the interior is shrinking
2 Sept 052 Sept 05
The head and teeth, 2 September 2005Jacky creates the shape of two entwined serpents 02 September 2005
2 Sept 052 Sept 05

Sea Serpents - Jacky Ward Lomax

[August - October 2005]

Jacky began carving the tree, in Westbourne Avenue, Hull, at the end of August 2005.

The dual nature of the tree has inspired her to sculpt entwined sea serpents (or dragons), similar to the Hull Sea Dragon Gamelan.

This tree was felled in 1999, so its condition has been deteriorating, but it has a few years left in it yet!

The most recent photo was taken by Kate Stockdale in April 2008 during a snowstorm.