Jacky Ward Lomax

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"I have had a life-long involvement with art. From age 12 when my mother realised I had some talent and encouraged me; to art college in Manchester where I qualified with an NDD in sculpture; to Leeds to take a post-graduate art-teaching diploma; to a life-time of teaching children from 9 to 18 years old.

I spent four years recently doing a part-time BA in Visual Studies, specialising in sculpture, drawing and printing. This I did as a way of developing my own art further. Nearly 3 years ago I took early retirement from teaching and am now working as a self-employed artist and hypnotherapist. I often use art in a therapeutic manner. I run monthly work-shops in my own studio for this very purpose, using artistic expression as a way of exploring self-awareness.

My real love is working in 3-dimensional manner with a wide variety of media, which include wood-carving, plaster of paris modelling, papier-mache, natural objects (like twigs, stones and shells), textiles. I mainly like to work in a 'low-tech'way so that my work is accessible. As I often work with groups, I like them to feel that they also can create. That it is possible and that they do not have to have expensive equipment. I also really like drawing, especially with charcoal or oil-pastels.

Much of my work is related to my experiences, and catalogues, in a way, events and realisations. I have had a life-time interest in ancient art and symbolism and that may be evident in some of my work I have lived in the 'Avenues'for nearly 30 years and, believe it or not, am only recently coming to accept that I am part of it and not a temporary visitor. I am very fond of this area and concerned that it remains pleasant and cared for."

Jacky Ward Lomax

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