The Owl Tree in Victoria Avenue, Hull

sculpted by Jacky Ward Lomax.

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Having the opportunity to carve the stump outside my house has actually been a pipe-dream for a year. Last year at this time I had a broken arm and getting it well enough to carve the tree was a great motivator towards regaining full mobility and strength.

I chose 'owls' for my theme because of the owls that roost in the trees in the avenues. There always used to be two who were very vocal near my house though they are not around as much as they used to be, perhaps due to the felling of many of the large trees. Maybe this sculpture could encourage them back - who knows?

I intend the sculpture to be interactive in a small way. There will be small alcoves, hidey-holes, shelves or whatever for visitors to the carving to put little natural objects. A nice stone or conker or leaf or feather, perhaps. And, maybe, to take away something that takes their fancy. I fancy it will be interesting to witness the changes of objects as one thing is replaced by another.

Much thanks to Robert and Richard at the Owl Sanctuary at Park Rose Pottery, near Bridlington, for their patience and enthusiasm. It was great to get so close to the owls and to see them fly hawks at the Museum of Street Life, on High Street, Hull.

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