Year 2000 Children's Tree, in Park Avenue, Hull
sculpted by Dawn Summer and Larry Knee

The tree on 17 August 2000

The theme for the tree carving was that it should be a celebration for the children of being there in the year 2000, and of the things which they love.

Dawn and Larry say, "In prehistoric times people drew and carved messages into surfaces in order to celebrate and pay tribute to those things which had significance. They remain as reminders of their lives and culture.

Today it is commonplace to see graffiti on walls and carved messages on trees. The intention is to make a sign of what is felt. Carvings on trees often refer to love. The intention to celebrate the existence of something which is meaningful and to make a visual message which will exist beyond the present time."

The intention is "to give the children of Park Avenue an opportunity to record their presence through an image of something which they love..."


The celebratory party on 30 September 2000

The children were invited to "submit a drawing or painting of something which they especially like and has significance to them. This may include animals, people, places, pets or their possessions..."

Larry and Dawn selected interesting images from the drawings. They did not necessarily use the whole drawing, and sometimes they altered the scale, but they have included at least 1 drawing from everyone. Finally, they coloured some of the carvings to match the drawings.

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